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First Ultrasound

29 Apr

Today I had my first ultrasound! My HUSBO went with me and it was just an awesome experience.

Today I am 8 weeks and 3 days pregnant.


We were surprised how loud and strong the heartbeat was, it was shocking! The heartbeat was 167 bpm and baby is almost an inch,  so exciting! Baby (baby George as I like to call it, until we find out the sex, hehe) is doing well! My next appointment is next month, not sure what that visit will bring but I cannot wait! It’s super awesome to finally see that there is an actual baby growing  in my belly, haha. It’s just extra real feeling… 😉 We got six pictures and I placed them on our fridge until I can find a suitable frame or baby book to start out with.

I am currently trying to get on track with some early research about… well, anything! I want to start getting info now and decide what I will or will not be doing when baby George does arrive! There is a lot to think about, all very interesting and again, exciting. I have a while to do this research but it doesn’t hurt getting it done now! Also I’m gonna take this opportunity to complain about my boobs… TMI, sorry. Friday I asked HUSBO, “Do my boobs look bigger?” he says no. Saturday (his birthday) I asked again and he says “HELL YEAH!” and they were noticeably bigger… like HUGE. Pain in the ass, haha. Uncomfortableness is just apart of the territory. I haven’t been bad off though. Just bloating, a little nausea, sore breasts, back ache, head ache, cramps, leg cramps, and just kind of all around uncomfortableness.  Oh and cravings, I am constantly hungry! Whew… I know it will get worse, so I’m trying to keep the complaining to a minimum haha.

Last week, April 22nd, was my very first prenatal visit, got checked out, got to meet my doctor, nothing exciting. We celebrated my HUSBO’s birthday this weekend, his golden birthday. We went out and he invited some friends, I was the designated driver, obviously. Nothing else really exciting as of now… boo! Maybe next time!