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10 Feb

“May I be filled with loving kindness.
May I be well.
May I be Peaceful and at ease.
May I be happy.”

– Metta Meditation –

I want to get into meditation and yoga. Hmmm… Where to start?

5 Wonderful Years

10 Feb

Yesterday February 9th marked 5 years my HUSBO and I have been together!


Here is a picture of us from 6 years ago… ❤ The summer we fell in love! We were hanging out or “seeing each other” a whole year before we were officially dating. We didn’t date anyone else or see anyone else and we decided to to make this date the “official” date haha. Weirdos… oh well!

We have had such a wonderful 5/6 years together and I wouldn’t change a thing! We are happily married, beginning to start our family, and loving life together. He is the greatest man I have ever met. A lot of people say little girls strive to marry someone like their father and I believe that is partially true. My HUSBO does in fact have the characteristics of my two favorite guys, my Dad and my Grandpa Jesse. I feel so blessed to have this man in my life, he takes such great care of me, of our family, and gives us a better life. Thank you sweet HUSBO and I cannot wait to see what many more years bring to us!

1000This is us on our real wedding day. What a wonderful day!

223608_10150405190589202_586959201_10458733_5268835_nHere is one of my most favorite pictures of us… Me dancing, actin’ a fool! and my guy making fun of the way I dance at our formal wedding a month later. Hey… I get it from my Mama ❤ haha.

1010Here is our first dance as HUSBO and Wife!

This is the day I finally got my man back from Afghanistan!

017Homecoming ❤ finally!

HAWAII 047And us in Hawaii on the honeymoon we never had and relaxation after deployment.

Unfortunately he has been hard at work at the Armory the last two going on three weeks. This weekend of course he had Drill so we weren’t  together long. But that’s life I suppose… Thanks Army.

Anyways, Life has been great and I couldn’t be more blessed!


Image 5 Feb