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New Vitamins Make Me Sick :\

1 Aug

I’m positive it’s been my new prenatal vitamins that have been making me sick since I’ve been taking them. That is the only different thing I’ve been doing since I’ve started them on Saturday. At first I thought it was because on the first day I hadn’t eaten yet, but after that I would eat and get sick an hour or two later. Today the hospital gave me sample packs of other p-vitamins to try because I go on vacation next week and I don’t want to be sick the whole time. They said they would give me enough for my trip, but it doesn’t look like they did. I’m going to have to buy my own… Maybe those gummy ones. At least for while I am away. Any opinions on those?


I’m Pregnant!

10 Apr



I am pregnant! We are so very excited, happy, and of course nervous as this is our first child. We’ve only been trying since January and conceived in March, after our Moms told us it would probably take up to a year to conceive. Crazy! We were surprised! I haven’t exactly been feeling myself or well the last week and decided to take a test after it was over a week since and my period hadn’t come. I had a few symptoms and I kind of suspected I might be, but didn’t want to get my hopes up of course. Took 4 tests, the first was hard to read, partially faded/barely shown up for sure positive. So we bought more and the other 3 were positive and quickly showed it! So I went into the doctor yesterday and they confirmed it! I walked back into the waiting room to my HUSBO, handed him a pregnancy fact pamphlet and he yells in front of everyone “GOOD JOB!” and gives me a high five… LOL weirdo, God love him!

Our families are so excited, very happy! Our friends have sent us countless amounts of congratulations, so very nice! It is very early and we probably shouldn’t have shared yet, as I am only 5 weeks and a few days but we couldn’t contain ourselves. SO far everything is good and I want to keep it that way. RANDOM, but prenatal vitamins STINK! Literally… they smell bad haha. Did not expect that for some reason but oh well! Just wanted to share. Anyways, I AM SO EXCITED! Let’s see how much that “feeling changes” as I get farther along and I get more symptoms haha. This will be fun!