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Happy June 1st! Welcome Second Trimester!

1 Jun

I am finally in my 2nd Trimester! Well, I’m gonna say second trimester, because everything I’ve read or been told its between weeks 12-14, sOoOo? Yeah. ALSO, can we add in I am still confused at the size of my baby? The apps I have on my phone gives me sizes through fruits or vegetables. This week one said a tangerine, the other said a medium sized shrimp? My Doctor had a hard time finding my baby’s heartbeat (11 weeks), then found it and told me it was hard because baby is the size of my thumbnail. So again… Uuuhhhhh? Oh well, anyways… It seems like the month of May took forever and just dragged on and on… It’s probably because we’ve had such crummy weather. Oh well, Welcome June!

Memorial Day was pretty decent, the weather called for rain and it didn’t disappoint… Damn you rain! We woke up early and went to our town’s Memorial Day Ceremony, it was nice and HUSBO was asked to read some of the names of fallen soldiers from our town. Very nice!


HUSBO was also a happy camper, as he got his dream lounge chair that weekend! I got one too, it’s comfy but kind of scary when leaning back lol, I thought I was going to tip over.


Lately we have started packing around the house. We are suppose to month at the end of the month, so we’re working hard on clearing out and packing up. I also discovered I have  a butt load of clothes…

4282013223722Not all of these are mine, some are HUSBO’s but damn… packing sucks! I have a lot of more to do and it’s just tiring and frustrating. It’s gotta get done though… *whew*

My last small update is a picture I took of myself at work, Hello Week 13!

IMAG0436_1Slightly showing! It kind of just showed up the first few days of my 12th week (last week!), craziness! I noticed it when I was undressing to take a shower, I started taking off my shirt and BAM! a bit of a belly had appeared. Where did you come from?! Hello there! Love it! Keep up the growing Baby George! I have started taking walks outside around our town with my HUSBO and they have been nice. I needed to start exercising somehow and while I am still looking to find whats right for me, I will continue walking. Any suggestions?