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22 Mar

Tonight I am feeling very blessed, very inspired, extremely grateful!

Yesterday one of the scariest things ever happened. My Dad was rushed to the hospital in am ambulance and my Ma and I were there to see it all. We were hysterical. He is in the hospital right now for a few days, getting the treatment that he needs. This was the worst scare ever… Thankfully it is not as horrible as my Ma and I thought. Thank God!

Thank you Grandpa Herbert, Thank You Grandpa Jesse for being with him in his time of need, for protecting him. We seriously thought this was “it” and it was the worst feeling in the world. I am so thankful to have spent the evening with him in the emergency room, spending the whole day in the ICU today, being able to keep him company along with my Ma, and watching him sleep (hehe) which he does most of the day. Fffiiinnneee by me! As long as he stays with us here on Earth and stays healthy I am happy! Thank you Universe! Tomorrow I am going back to be with him an dmy family at the hospital, so I am just relaxing around the house right now.

I feel SO blessed!

Thank you for the prayers from our families and friends.

Thank you Thank you Thank You!



15 Feb

A special congratulations to my HUSBO on his promotion!

I am so very proud of you SGT!

You deserve it love!

I’m not going to lie… I have been completely miserable with the lack of time we have together! Thanks Army.. Oh well, that’s the life! He has been on orders for the past three weeks and that has definitely left us with little to no time together. I miss him like crazy and I sound like a complete brat about it, I realize this. I really think I feel this way because he was gone for a year on deployment, and I was lucky to have him around all the time when he came home. He’s been home maybe 5 months now and we don’t have that time at the moment because of his two jobs plus my job. It’s driving me nuts! I miss spending time with him, he feels the same. Hopefully we get some much needed time together soon. I cannot wait!

Sorry for the whining… I know all of this hard work pays off for our family and that I have a wonderful man!

Sorry for complaining…

Things could be a lot worse! Always Remember: I am Blessed.