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Hiya Hey!

23 May

Hello! Nothing exciting to report… still busy being pregnant, haha. Tomorrow I will be 12 weeks, that is pretty exciting! Next month will be a busy one that is for sure, my HUSBO will be on Orders from the Army for a few months, which is pretty cool. We are also moving out of this apartment and into a house! We are so happy and cannot wait, this is going to be a great summer!

Last night I ordered my first baby book, “The Belly Book.” It is like a journal for the nine months you are with baby, you can write moments and post pictures inside, it even has questions all ready for answering! I cannot wait to get this book! My HUSBO also picked out two humorous and informative “Dad-To-Be” books. So this should be an exciting purchase! Lately I have been reading the books my Dr. has given me and my phone apps on what’s happening with Baby George, how he’s growing and what’s happening inside my body. I am almost in my second trimester, they say the morning sickness should die down. I sure hope so! I was golden the first part of the first trimester, now that its coming to an end the last two weeks I have been getting sick every night… So yay… 😐  I have tried Preggie Pop Drops, I am not a fan of the sour raspberry or green apple (lol). I think they help? I’m not sure how they work or if it is just a mind trick kind of deal, but I enjoy the hard candies. Also sometimes just a hard peppermint candy or a sucker works too. Monday (May 20th) I had another Dr. appointment, took a urine test, she told me my lab results came back good, and put a trans abdominal ultrasound on my belly so we could hear the heartbeat again. Exciting stuff! Even though it took her a bit ti find it, we were freaking a little, it was amazing.

Also it is very rough trying to not drink so much pop! I don’t drink a lot of pop anyways, one a day, two at the most. I drink a lot of water, but I have been loving my Barq’s Root Beer so far in this pregnancy. Like more than usual… I haven’t had one in three days, which I was pretty proud of. Then HUSBO reminded me when we went out to lunch yesterday I had a pop… Poop… Oh well! I have been drinking Fruit Punch (Crystal Light) and water. I explained this problem to my Dr. and she suggested I try Sassafras Tea? She says it tastes just like root beer and its good for me. I am not a fan of tea, but I’ll try it. Anyone else ever try Sassafras tea?

Quick Random: I love looking at my phone apps and seeing how big the baby is that week, based on a fruit or vegetable! Super cool!

Recently I got rid of my Twitter account, on account of a few girls I dislike who pretend like they don’t read my things or that they don’t make rude or horrible comments about or “not exactly” to me. Ridiculous business that I just do not want to deal with anymore. Especially when I say something about someone and they think I am talking to or about them, and it isn’t. It especially stinks when I stopped reading their things myself and their own family members show me the mean things they say about me. Haha, nice family, I especially like when they tell me “oh you know how she is… miserable.” Whoa. Also how one says things about me being pregnant and how I know nothing about what’s happening with my body. Uh… NO. Don’t act like you know how I go about my pregnancy or business. An example: I say how my belly is almost perfectly round and that my HUSBO said one day I looked pregnant. No where did I state I was showing already. Obviously, as this is my first child I won’t be showing for a few more weeks now. I know this info because I do my research. But they had a lot of mean things to say about how I am dumb, I won’t be showing until my second trimester (I know it takes time, duh. BUT it also is very noticeable I do not fit in my old clothes, my belly sticks out and that my boobs have already grown a cup size!), I’m going to be the worlds dumbest Mom or that I act like I’m the first women in history to give birth. Again… NO. ANYWAYS… needless drama that doesn’t need to be around me. I am striving for a happy, positive, stress free life. I am working on such things and have been for over a year. I feel like they keep sucking me in and bringing me down. I am not friends with these girls, so why keep being interested in the things they say about my? Which I hadn’t been for over a year until recently. Knock it off Jessica! Stay positive, move on, and do not be brought down to their level! Ugh… that whole rant was horrible and contradicting myself, huh? Ugh… I am and always will be a work in progress! It’s just been annoying and upsetting, sorry.

This week I have had pretty much every day off. My Grandmother had to go to the hospital as she wasn’t feeling well. My Tia has been calling off every day to be with her and we believe she is going home tomorrow. She had a bleeding ulcer, had a blood transfusion but is doing well. She has also been pretty mean  to my Tia and my Ma, lol, expected. So at least they got a few laughs in I suppose. I worked Monday, and I guess I might be back with Gma Friday afternoon, we’ll see! Then there is a three day weekend, WOOO! Happy Pre-Memorial Day! How will you celebrate? This is my HUSBO’s first Memorial Day since he’s been home, he should be ok, but I am always there to help him through whatever he needs. I hope the weather is at least nice… It’s been 80’s all week, then it storms and it’s almost 50 degrees today. It’s almost June COME ON! I am in need of some sunshine! Or a trip to Disney World… haha. (What’s new?)

Well… I think that is all the update I have for now. If I feel the need to complain some more I will. Enjoy!