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Well, shoot…

21 Dec


I haven’t written in almost a year!

Ridiculous… we’ll see what I do with this now since obviously I am horrible at it.

Geeze oh petes…


Dear Miley Cyrus, I Love You ♥

7 Feb

Yesterday I purchased a Cosmopolitan magazine with Miley Cyrus on the cover.


Those who know me, know I love Miley Cyrus as well as when she was Hannah Montana. She is scandalous, I love her music and her “way of life.” She is out there and I love that especially about her. This was by the far the best interview from her I have ever read! Thank you for the great read Cosmo! The answers she gave made me laugh and smile. The way she lives her life now a days is exactly what I want to be. If that makes sense… Not the celebrity lifestyle, but  I feel like the way she lives is what I’ve been striving for… For awhile now. Obviously everyone grows over their lifetime and I feel like I am finally just now starting to become what I’ve always wanted. I am so close yet so far away!

I love her free spirit, her wild ways, her loud mouth and opinions. I am the same in a lot of ways, but I tend to keep a lot of that to myself or choose not to act out in fear of embarrassing my family or friends. My HUSBO always tells me I should feel free to act the way I want and I shouldn’t care what others think. My response is always “I don’t care what others think!” to which he says, “You do… I know you do. I know you better than you know yourself.” Which is very true… I have always been a unique individual and been made fun of, talked down to, or shamed for the things I do. I have been known to wear whatever I want when it is cool or not. I also am known to dye my hair a lot of radical colors, fully knowing people stare or talk bad about it. I am not one to be an attention seeker, but hey, everyone likes attention once in awhile. I did it because it was fun, it made me happy, and made me feel beautiful. In October of 2012 while in Hawaii I shaved one side of my head. Definitely my most risque hairstyle.

photo 3

I love it and plan on keeping it for a long while!

photo 2

Her interview was just great and worth a read if you’re in the mood.

That is why I am educating myself on the different cultures, remedies, thoughts, and lives that interest me. I will be come a better me everyday. I am very inspired lately and just want it more. I am also surrounding myself with positivity,  happiness with the ones I love and care for. I am trying more everyday not to whine or complain, which is nearly impossible haha. I am a chronic whiner, yikes! I am also working on not being so judgmental of others, not putting people down, being less mean about anything and everything. I want to be more spiritual, more outgoing, more everything! I want to be more me and I am inspired everyday to do so.