It’s A Boy!

22 Jul


WOOO! We are having a BABY BOY! As you can guess my HUSBO is a very excited guy! We found out Thursday the 18th one day before 20 weeks, half way done! The ultrasound tech said he was very cooperative, she saw everything she needed to see.  Then she said “It’s definitely a boy!” and HUSBO whispered quite loudly “YES!” then as she continued she said “and what a boy!” lol geeze…  He was also very very VERY active! He was kicking, waving his arms, and being wild! She asked if I felt any of it and I couldn’t which was crazy, he looked as if he was fighting his way out. I have felt baby move since 17 weeks, and I was shocked I wasn’t feeling anything as crazy as he was moving. Oh well! Anyways, he was perfect and it was a great visit! Healthy Mama & Baby!

So my HUSBO and I have been back and forward on boy names… He wanted at first to name him after his father. But because his Dad’s name is Patrick, HUSBO’s name is Patrick and my brothers name is Patrick, I said enough Patrick’s! So then we decided on naming a baby boy after both our fathers, my Dad’s first name and HUSBO’s Dad’s middle name. He is still not very thrilled but dealt with the compromise, because he hated every other name I threw at him. THEN he told me a few days ago he instead would love the baby to be named after him, Patrick John. I asked him if I considered the name, could we just call him John since we have so many Pat’s in our family, he said cool. But so far, I have been turning the name down left and right, and keeping the baby named after our fathers to screw with him. While HUSBO is out of town with work, I have decided to surprise him. I have decided to give him his wish, and name our son Patrick John! Today I ordered a onesie 49ers “jersey” and on it with the number 16 (his fav football players number) with PATRICK across the back. When he comes home I will have the jersey for him to see his son’s real name. I am very excited!

That’s about it… What a blessing! Just wanted to share the news!

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