Goodness… it’s been awhile.

9 Mar

Once again I am being neglectful. Sorry folks!

Nothing amazing has been happening. Just working, hanging with my HUSBO, and yeah… that’s it actually haha. Last week I went to the VFW my HUSBO is a  member of and we played bingo. Not going to lie, it was a BLAST! I also won one game, very exciting. Uhm… also at the beginning of the month we missed out on going to his Military Ball. We were bummed out, because we had originally planned to go. Even sold raffle tickets to get our free tickets. We ended up giving them away and last minute they gave them back to us. Last minute being 3 days before, so really no time for alteration appointments, beauty appointments, no time for me to buy a dress, anything really. So we didn’t attend. Hopefully next year!

That was random nonsense up above… But I seriously have nothing special to share. That stinks, right? Hopefully soon!

:\   Sorry…. yikes! What an awful post…

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